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Learning How to Hit a Bong Well

There are many people that consume cannabis drug. People consume cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes. In many states consumption of cannabis has been legalized. However, one is advised to learn how to consume it before consuming . One is guaranteed of hitting the bong well if only they study through these guidelines. Before one know how to use a bong well there must know that bong is comprised of different parts. The first part of the bong is the bowl. A bowl part is a bulb-shaped attachment that holds the dried cannabis flower. This part can be as well as removable. The carb is another part of the bong. The carb is usually the small hole in the big. The carb permits one to get rid of smoke from the chamber and one to finish the bong hit.

Down stem is another part of the bong that is a small tube which allows smoke travels from the bowl to the base. the fourth part of the bong which is the base is usually the bottom of the bong and has a bubble like shape. It normally creates a water chamber that allows the smoke to cool down. The last part of the bong is the tube which ends in the mouthpiece. This tube is usually a chamber that usually gets filled with smoke once the smoke has filtered through the water. All the parts of the bong have been outlined and learning how to use it is the next step. Putting the dried cannabis flower on the bowl and lighting it is the first step of one hitting it properly. After lighting the bowl one is supposed to place the mouth inside the opening of the bong.. One is required to sink the smoke in the mouth is in the opening of the bong but should avoid inhaling it. Water bubbles and smoke rising is noticed when one sunk.

Inhaling the smoke that had been sunk is the step which follows the first step. One is supposed to remove the stem on the bong and inhale the smoke out of the bong into one’s lungs. If one cannot clear everything in one inhale it advisable to take two inhales. The final step of hitting the bong is holding the smoke in for as long as one can. After holding it for as long as one can, one can now exhale it.

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